Prenova, a provider of energy process management, has selected The Nour Group for marketing and positioning services.

Nour Group and its partner CSM Research will work with Prenova on market segmentation issues and to explore energy management challenges.

“We were really impressed with the thoroughness of the Nour Group/ CSM Research response to our requirements”, said Kathy Montgomery, vice president of marketing and strategic design at Prenova, in a statement. “Although we had invited much larger firms to also help us tackle key market segmentation and positioning challenges, David Nour and his team were able to leverage the CSM Research legacy of top notch market and customer research to help us more effectively identify quantifiable pains in the energy management space, and our appropriate solutions to address them.”

Prenova is based in Atlanta and manages more than $1.3 billion in energy spending by clients.

The Nour Group: