Beginning Monday, Local Tech Wire will introduce a new lineup of daily feature stories, columns and commentary.

First, LTW will introduce a three-part interview about business leadership with Chet Richards, an Atlanta entrepreneur and author whose new book “Certain To Win” has just been published. Richards, a retired Air Force officer, was a close colleague of the late John Boyd, an Air Force colonel who is widely recognized as one of the most brilliant military strategists of this century. Richards talks with LTW about Boyd’s tactics, the strategy of Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu and how entrepreneurs and executives can benefit from their teachings.

Also, Executive Q&A becomes a regular Monday feature. Joshua Chodniewicz, co-founder and CEO of, talks about how and why his business is expanding.

The LTW daily lineup will include:

Mondays: Executive Q&A and Atlanta Beat

Tuesdays: Venture Watch and “Going Deep”, a column on strategic thinking by entrepreneur Eric Jackson.

Wednesdays: Charlotte Beat and “TechLaw”, weekly contributions from RTP law firm Daniels, Daniels & Verdonik.

Thursdays: RTP Beat and a Guest Opinion from a different thought leader each week.

Fridays: BioWatch and news from either the Triad or the Mountains as part of Triad Beat and Mountain Beat.