Gentris and California-based AutoGenomics have formed a partnership that the companies say will speed up pharmacogenomics testing.

The companies will focus on so-called panels.

“Panels are a series of tests that give you an indication of a person’s tolerance of a drug or efficacy,” a Gentris spokesman tells Local Tech Wire.

“As an example: There might be a test for tolerance of a drug or toxicity of a drug for high cholesterol. The next test might be for efficacy of the drug, i.e. if not (that brand-name), then what other drug? The next test might be for dosage.

“The goal is to be able to tell the individual the best drug to produce the desired result at the correct dosage. This is very simplified version of what is involved with development of a panel.”

The focus of the partnership will be to integrate Gentris diagnostic products with AutoGenomics; automated platform.

“AutoGenomics has developed a multiplexing platform that has simplified genomic testing through automation”, said Michael Murphy, CEO of Gentris, said. “Clearly the shared vision of Gentris and AutoGenomics will help to decrease serious adverse drug reactions which are the fourth leading cause of death and the fifth leading cause of illness in the United States”,

The companies said combining their strengths will help in early detection of genetic mutations that could affect a patient’s drug metabolism. This knowledge will help physicians “administer therapies with the best chance of a beneficial outcome while reducing the likelihood of serious adverse events,” the companies said in a joint statement.

AutoGenomics’ CEO. Fareed Kureshy, said the alliance will help advance the concept of personalized medicine.

“Gentris has an established track record in developing pharmacogenomic tests with an clear understanding of the regulatory requirements” Kureshy said. “This alliance will leverage these strengths and bring pharmacogenomic testing to near patient testing realizing the true benefits of personalized medicine.