Cisco Systems has dropped its copyright lawsuit against Huawei Technologies, a competitor based in China.

“Huawei had agreed to change its command line interface, user manuals, help screens and portions of its source code to address Cisco’s concerns,” Cisco said in a statement. “The completion of the lawsuit comes after a third party review of Huawei’s products, and after Huawei discontinued the sale of products at issue in the suit; agreed to only offer for sale new, modified products on a worldwide basis; and submitted its relevant products for review by a neutral third party expert.

“The completion of this lawsuit marks a victory for the protection of intellectual property rights,” added Mark Chandler, Vice President and General Counsel, Cisco Systems. “Innovation is the lifeblood of the industry, and protecting our intellectual property is of paramount importance to Cisco. We are pleased to conclude the litigation as a result of the steps that were taken to address our concerns.”

The suit was filed last year.