Peopleclick, a provider of workforce acquisition solutions, and Montgomery County Office of Human Resources teamed up to win a local government personnel award.

The 2003 Innovation Award as selected by the Local Government Personnel Association of the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area was presented to Montgomery County and Peopleclick in recognition of a free, online job application training program.

The County provided equipment and services while Peopleclick offered trainers. More than 200 people took part, including participants in the County’s Department of Correction and Rehabilitation’s Pre-Release Program and the public housing residents of the Housing Opportunities Commission.

“It is essential for residents to possess basic computer and job search skills, especially now that we provide an Internet-based application system for County job openings,” said Joseph Adler, Montgomery County’s Human Resources Director, in a statement. “This award recognizes the priority we place on helping applicants succeed in today’s high-tech world.”

One-Economy Corporation, a non-profit organization focused on Internet usage to help improve people’s lives, also was part of the program.