Time Warner Cable’s News Channel 14 in Charlotte will remain on the air and work more closely with News Channel 14 in Research Triangle Park after the sudden ending of a joint venture on Friday.

TWC worked with Belo Corp. to operate a joint venture for three 24-hour cable news channels, including Channel 14 in Charlotte. The companies announced this morning they were terminating the effort and 190 employees would be let go.

However, TWC said its Charlotte operation would stay on the air and operate as a wholly owned unit of TWC. The company operates other cable news operations in Raleigh and five other cities. The Charlotte station was launched in 2002.

“Both the Charlotte and Raleigh News 14 Carolina operations will work together to create greater efficiencies,” TWC said in a statement.

The News 14 web site in Charlotte lists a staff of 24 on-air personalities.

The terminated operations were in Houston and San Antonio.

“The companies evaluated alternative business models and cost structures before deciding to cease operations,” Belo and TWC said in a joint statement.

“Time Warner Cable has been a leader in local cable TV news,” said John Billock, chief operating officer at Time Warner Cable, in a statement. “We look at local news as an important community service and a way to distinguish ourselves from the competition. While the joint-venture channels delivered a quality product, they were not able to achieve the kind of sustainable audience growth on a stand-alone basis which is required for long-term viability.”

Belo operates commercial TV stations in each of the three affected markets, including WCNC-TV in Charlotte.

The companies said programming for the two Texas channels “ceases immediately”.

The joint venture was formed in 2000.