Shares in Red Hat rallied more than 8 percent on Tuesday following the Raleigh-based software firm’s release of revised revenue figures.

The slight increase of profits and earnings of 1 cent a share for the most recent quarter triggered a rally that sent Red Hat (Nasdaq: RHAT) to $16.15, up $1.25.

The news also generated a somewhat positive research note from Credit Suisse First Boston.

CBS MarketWatch quoted the firm as saying that an “attractive window of opportunity” may be at hand as Red Hat compiles its revised annual report for the Securities and Exchange Commission. Red Hat announced that revisions were being made last week after questions were raised about some matters such as how subscription revenue was booked.

.”Management’s expectation remains that these will result only in additional disclosure, as opposed to any further restatement. In addition, our recent conversations with management increased our comfort that the nature of these questions was ‘routine’,” CSFB said, according to CBS MarketWatch. The note said the firm did not believe in a “tip of the iceberg theory” about more problems yet did say “clearly lost some points on management credibility”.

“Nonetheless, we believe investors will again give Red Hat credit for a mid to high teens growth rate once the uncertainty surrounding the 10K filing is lifted,” CSFB said,, the CBS MarketWatch report said.

The firm did cut a penny off Red Hat’s projected earnings, to 26 cents, citing costs from the revision of reports and the barrage of class action lawsuits filed against the Linux software and services firm.

The New York law firm Murray, Frank & Sailer LLP filed suit on Tuesday in the Eastern District Court of North Carolina. In its SEC filing on Monday, Red Hat said 14 to 15 suits had been filed and that it was bracing for costs as well as distractions on management to deal with the legal challenges.

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