Twenty high-tech related firms — some new, some familiar — will be presenting their technology and businesses at the 14th annual InfoTech Conferece in October.

The one-day conference is set for Oct. 8.

Among the newer faces are Covelight Systems, clearTXT and StrikeIron.

Familiar firms include MCNC, EMC and RTI International.

“The fact that we had so many qualified applicants made the selection process very difficult for the committee,” said Jeff Messinger, chair of the demo selection committee and Director of Marketing for Raleigh-based software company Noverant, in a statement. “The committee selected the applicants that we feel have the most innovative and interesting technology. The demo room at the conference will allow the attendees of InfoTech to view some of the best technology from North Carolina.”

The program will include guest speakers and panel discussions on trends, challenges and opportunities in information technology.

The companies selected are:

  • Animated Communications (Chapel Hill, NC –

  • CipherOptics Inc. (Raleigh, NC –

  • clearTXT, Inc. (Apex, NC –

  • Covelight Systems (Cary, NC –

  • Devici, Inc. (Durham, NC –

  • EMC Corporation (RTP, NC –

  • FormRouter, Inc. (Cary, NC –

  • InnerOptic Technology Inc. (Chapel Hill, NC –

  • Integrian, Inc. (RTP, NC –

  • Level 8 Systems (Cary, NC –

  • MCNC (RTP, NC –

  • Memscap, Inc. (Durham, NC –

  • NavoWave, Inc. (Raleigh, NC –

  • NORLINX (Raleigh, NC –

  • NuLambda, Inc. (Chapel Hill, NC)

  • QlikTech, Inc. (Raleigh, NC –

  • Refense Technologies, Inc. (Raleigh, NC –

  • RTI International (RTP, NC –

  • StrikeIron, Inc. (Durham, NC –

  • TapRoot Systems Inc. (Morrisville, NC –

    More details on the InfoTech 2004 demo participants are available online at: