The Unified Port of San Diego is the latest in a series of ports choosing to use VistaScape’s wide area surveillance system for part of its security measures.

VistaScape, which is based in Atlanta, provides video intelligence software to help ports conform to new maritime security measures.
San Diego is using VistaScape as part of a security upgrade through a $2.12 million federal grant.

“VistaScape’s solution is proactive in that it manages monitoring and policy decisions, based on rules that conform to our unique security situation,” said Captain Jessica Cummins of the Port of San Diego Harbor Police in a statement. “This will enable us to more effectively deploy our security personnel in the field, and provide them unparalleled situational awareness as they respond to violations.”

VistaScape has been used by several different facilities as part of security changes, Its program is integrated with existing video infrastructure, and “provides a rules engine that conforms to real-world criteria such as object type, location, speed and time of day,” the company said.