CHAPEL HILL—-Competition for the time and attention of clinical investigators is fierce. Executives at top pharmaceutical companies are responding to this challenge by finding ways to improve their processes for identifying, selecting and recruiting top-quality investigators, according to new research by Best Practices, LLC, profiled in a white paper online.

Research findings, drawn from benchmarking survey results and exclusive interviews with investigators as well as pharmaceutical and contract research organization executives, highlight the most successful tactics to effectively win the hearts and minds of clinical investigators. Many executives are moving toward processes that work to build long-term relationships and loyalty with clinical investigators.

According to one senior director of clinical operations, “The pharmaceutical industry has to become more service-oriented for investigators. This means we’ll have to change our roles or change the way we treat them. We need to achieve loyalty. Loyalty will be reflected not in what they did in the past but what they do in the future.”

Research findings include the following best practices:Develop and grow customer-relationship databases with the names and qualifications of clinical investigators who can help jumpstart a study or entry into a new therapeutic area.Balance the need to create scientifically interesting and rigorous protocols against practical concerns regarding the execution of the study.Create segmentation strategies to customize recruitment systems to meet the needs of specific investigators and sites.
Best Practices is a Chapel Hill-based research and consulting firm.

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