RALEIGH…A prototype version of a new low cost video conferencing and distribution system is available for demonstrations at the office of Venture Management Inc., (VMI) Raleigh.

VMI says the Vidicom technology delivers full motion audio and video capabilities to all users on an enterprise-wide local area network (LAN). Users can conference one-to-one or one-to-many without degrading the performance of data or functionality on the network.

Vidicom Group Inc. seeks $5.25 million to develop and commercialize the patented technology. The company says it has applicatbility acoss vertical markets throughout Fortune 1000 companies, schools and colleges, hospitals, financial institutions, and the government and military.

The company’s founders, Stuart Rauch and Fred Fupinski are both electronic engineers with holding multiple patents. David Rogers, formerly of Cisco Systems and Ted Bachman, formerly with a Big4 accounting firm in New York City, are also on the start-up’s management team.