APEX,Red Cedar Technology, a software firm in Michigan, has licensed software from CEI to improve the performance of its engineering design system.

Red Cedar will use CEI’s EnSight as part of HEEDS (Hierarchical Evolutionary Engineering Design System) that “allows engineers to automatically and concurrently explore hundreds of design parameters and their relationships in product and process design scenarios,” CEI said in a statement. HEEDS is considered a next generation of mechanical simulation, according to CEI.

EnSight “readers” enables separate files produced by the HEEDS system to be separated and extract data needed to optimize a particular design.

“Our use of the EnSight readers within HEEDS will simplify and improve the process of defining and executing a design optimization or exploration study,” said Ron Averill, president of Red Cedar Technology. “This will help our users quickly determine how good a particular design is — whether, for example, it meets the desired targets or satisfies constraints.”

CEI: www.ceintl.com