QlikTech is ramping up the horsepower for is business intelligence software.

The Raleigh-based firm announced this week the first customer installation of its high-end 64-bit edition of QlikView. The initial customer is Life of Jamaica, a Jamaican insurance company.

“What this means is that we are taking the lead in applying modern 64-bit architecture, in this case (Intel) Itanium 2 processor, to business intelligence, analysis and reporting,” said Christer Berg, CEO of QlikTech. He told Local Tech Wire his firm is “ahead of traditional vendors such as Business Objects, Cognos and SAS.”

The more powerful system means “faster analysis of more complex problems, and better scalability in terms of the number of end users and analyzing large data volumes,” he added.

Berg said the software could be used for such needs as sales performance analysis, customer analysis, financial and cash-flow analysis.

Life of Jamaica said the software “has allowed us to pull data from all of our systems and translate it into management information which can be viewed via a single user-friendly portal,” said Carina Cockburn, manager of special projects for the firm. “We were having trouble accessing real time operational data in a timely fashion at the senior management level.”

QlikTech said the 64-bit edition utilizes the vast memory of the Intel chips and QlikTech’s AQL analytical engine to build a “data cloud” in RAM. This enables users to run queries without “being limited to pre-defined queries” and get responses “lightning fast.”

QlikTech: www.qliktech.com