Optimus Solutions, a provider of information technology services, has made a donation of computing equipment to Wycliffee Bible Translators.

The non-profit organization is translating reading materials for local communities, including more than 1,200 language groups around the world.

Wycliffe staff use applied linguistics adapting modern voice analysis software for assessment of languages.

“Modern computer technology such as that donated by Optimus Solutions, has proven invaluable in analysis of complex language patterns, compiling dictionaries, and the typesetting of literacy, health and development materials, ” said Ray Parker, director for operations at Wycliffe, in a statement. “IT applications speed the process which means that hundreds of thousands of people receive increased information in their spoken or ‘heart’ language.”

Wycliffe has an office in Atlanta. Its headquarters are in Orlando. FL.

Wycliffe: www.wycliffe.org

Optimus Solutions: www.optimussolutions.com