Yphise, an independent analysis firm, has recognized SAS Data Quality Solution with its Yphise Award for providing quality data information to be used in analysis, modeling and other applications.

Using ISO 9001 certified methodology, Yphise studied several data quality packages, evaluating:

  • Having quality data to make decisions reliable.

  • Ensuring the operational handling of data quality.

  • Controlling the impact of changes on data quality.

  • Reducing the data-related risk in projects.

  • Reducing the cost of data quality.
  • “The relevance of business processes depends on the quality of the data they handle. Low quality can lead to incorrect results, to processes not being available, to regulatory constraints not being complied with,” said Xavier Benmoussa, an analyst at Yphise. “Operational information systems manage data in numerous databases, which are, moreover, very heterogeneous. This makes guaranteeing data quality much more complex. Data quality packages have powerful functionality to make all the data correctly usable. These packages are now mature. They represent a key investment.”

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