How fast is Cisco’s new Carrier Routing System-1?

So fast that it can download the entire printed collection of the Library of Congress in 4.6 seconds.

So fast that 1 billion people could play an online game at the same time.

So fast that it has made the Guinness World Records book.

“As the world advances technologically, it is important that we recognize the innovations that will revolutionize global communications,” said David Hawksett, science and technology editor at Guinness World Records, in a statement released by Cisco. “As soon as we saw the numbers, we were delighted to create a brand new category to acknowledge Cisco Systems and this great achievement in networking technology.”

Cisco touts the CRS-1 router as the “highest capacity router ever developed” with a capacity to handle 92 trillion bits of data per second. That’s 92 terabits — some 100 times faster the previous highs.

Cisco announced the Guinness recognition on Thursday.

“Cisco is proud to have Guinness World Records recognize the Cisco CRS-1 as the world’s highest capacity Internet router,” said Tony Bates, architect of the CRS-1 and vice-president and general manager of Cisco’s Carrier Core and Multiservice business unit, in a statement. “The technological advancement of the CRS-1 will provide the capability for Internet services and applications that have never before been available on such a large scale. Millions of people can now look forward to a new suite of exciting, multimedia services both at work and home.”

There is a price to be paid for that capacity and speed — CRS-1s have a starting system price of $450,000.