Digital Envoy, a developer of Internet Protocol intelligence solutions, has received a U.S. patent for its IP location technology that determines the location of Internet users based on their IP address.

The patent is titled “Systems and Methods for Determining, Collecting, and Using Geographic Locations of Internet Users.”

The location of IP users is at the city level. The technology dates to 1999.

“This patent acknowledges that Digital Envoy is the inventor of geo-location technology, and we are pleased to be officially recognized as pioneers in IP Intelligence,” said Sanjay Parekh, Digital Envoy’s chief strategy officer, company co-founder, and co-inventor of the IP Intelligence.

“Before Digital Envoy, attempts were made to geo-target Internet users by relying on things such as registry information, which is highly-inaccurate,” he added. “I felt that the ability to non-invasively target Internet users was essential for conducting business on the Internet, which is how IP Intelligence came into being. I think the importance of this type of technology for a wide variety of Internet applications can be attested to by the number of ‘me too’ technologies that have sprung up since we first founded Digital Envoy in 1999.”

The company has several other patents pending.

Digital Envoy: