Orange, a wireless telephone service provider in France, has signed a contract with Cisco to deploy what is billed as the largest WiFi network in that country.

WiFi refers to Wireless Fidelity.

Orange plans to deploy 4,500 “hotspots” for access to the network by the end of this year.

Orange will use Cisco Mobile Exchange Framework gear.

Orange began offering WiFi services in April.

“In terms of its size and use of leading-edge technology, Orange’s WiFi project is one of the most advanced in the world,” said Massimo Migliuolo, vice president of mobile sales worldwide for Cisco. “The technology platform we have provided gives Orange the option of rolling out a range of exciting enhanced revenue-generating services, from managed VPNs (virtual private networks) for on-site employees or business users, to location-based offerings such as flight check-in information at airport hotels.”