Cisco Systems is paying $82 million in cash to purchase a California software company that focuses on file services and data management across geographically separated offices.

Actona Technologies’ services will help Cisco’s branch office portfolio of routers and intelligent network systems plus data center consolidation, Cisco said in a statement.

Actona is based in Los Gatos, CA.

“The large amount of mission-critical information that resides on employee desktop, laptop computers and workstations needs to be shared, backed up, and archived. Today’s distributed branch office storage management methods are complex and expensive,” said George Kurian, vice president for Cisco’s Routing Technology Group. “Providing intelligent network services so distributed enterprises can centralize file servers and storage, and better protect and cost-effectively manage their remote office data is critical.

“Actona’s technology is a best of breed wide-area file services solution, enabling storage consolidation while providing ‘LAN-like’ file access over a WAN.”