People with hemophilia in 27 countries stand to benefit from a donation of hemophilia products announced Monday by Bayer HealthCare’s Biological Products Division.

The group is based in RTP.

Bayer said it is donating more than 12.2 million units of its antihemophilic factor known as Kogenate to the World Federation of Hemophilia. The donation is valued at $9.3 million.

“The product will be used for emergency lifesaving situations or for patients who have been awaiting necessary surgical and dental procedures,” Bayer said.

Countries included in the distribution are: Albania, Azerbaijan, Serbia, Belarus, Romania; . In Latin America Honduras, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic, Paraguay, Jamaica, Colombia; India, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, China, Nepal; Lebanon, Kenya, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Eritrea, Algeria, and Nigeria.