For those who may have forgotten, or want to read the Ken Starr report about former President Bill Clinton, has brought the sordid tale into print.

Just as Clinton released his “My Story” biography, Lulu announced it was making the Starr report about Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky available.

Lulu describes the report as “a spicy romance and is offering the sometimes explicit narrative of Bill Clinton’s infidelity.”

Lulu, which is a provider of on-demand publishing tool for books, ebooks, and other digital content, repackaged it with “a book jacket adorned by a faceless female figure in a black cocktail dress, and the back of the book highlights, in black text on a hot pink background, some of the steamier lines from the book, which upon its release was described by some journalists as little more than government-produced pornography,” Lulu said.

It’s priced at $12.95.

“’s technology provides a way to deliver public domain documents as bound books that are printed on demand as they are purchased,” said Chief Operating Officer Gart Davis of Lulu in a statement, “but more importantly’s technology provides everyone in the world with equal access to a powerful mechanism for distributing their intellectual property in the format they choose and at a price they control.”

Lulu, which was created by Red Hat co-founder Bob Young, bills itself as “the fastest growing self-publishing and on-demand publishing company in the world” with more than 20,000 content creators.