As Red Hat moves more into sophisticated enterprise networks, its training program expands as well.

The Linux software developer announced Red Hat Certified Architect Certification on Tuesday. The program is designed for Linux systems administrators who have already achieved Red Hat Certified Engineer. The program has been in existence for six years.

The new program includes five courses, which are desined to help administrators increase the scale of deployment and efficiency of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, including storage area networks.

The five courses are:

  • RHS333, comprehensive network services security training

  • RH401, a course in software deployment and systems management for large organizations, including use of Red Hat Network (RHN) managed services for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

  • RH423, training on directory services and authentication, a security solution critical for central management of servers and workstations

  • RH436, a course on enterprise storage management and GFS, new technologies from Red Hat

  • RH442, a course on performance tuning and system monitoring
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