Time Warner Telecom is rolling out a new Ethernet service for metropolitan areas in 44 markets, and the company has already snagged a major customer in the Carolinas.

First Citizens Bank is using the Multi-point Extended Native LAN (ENLAN) service, as it is called, to link its offices in Raleigh, Charlotte and Columbia.

TWT is making the offering available in 44 metro markets and said it has signed contracts with more than 700 enterprise customers.

“In the event of a major problem with our network, ENLAN technology will eliminate manual intervention and decrease our recovery time in providing infrastructure services to support business continuity,” said Jennifer Varron, vice president and manager of network operations for First Citizens Bank, in a statement.

TWT announced the service offering at Supercomm in Chicago. Speed of service ranges from 10 megabits per second to 1 gigabit per second, and TWT said it plans to offer 10 Gbps per second in the future.

TWT: www.twtelecom.com