Tekelec is introducing a new gateway for telecommunication and network providers seeking to evolve their networks to packet technology through Voice over Internet Protocol

The SIP-SS7 (session initiation protocol-signaling system 7) is designed to help companies move to VoIP without having to necessarily replace entire networks or replicate certain services, according to Tekelec.

The gateway device is being introduced this week at Supercomm in Chicago.

“Operators are challenged to reduce overhead by creating faster, more efficient networks and to increase revenue with new multimedia services,” explained Fred Lax, Tekelec president and CEO, in a statement. “Many service providers worldwide are deploying VoP systems to streamline their networks and extend their service offerings. However, because of their substantial investments in circuit-switched networks, they need a solution that also leverages their existing resources and services as they transition to new technology. That’s where our new gateway comes into play.”

Tekelec: www.tekelec.com