WAKE FOREST,Sprint is rolling out a video-on-demand solution for schools today at the National Education Computing Conference in New Orleans.

The system, which includes equipment from Cisco, is designed to operate over existing Internet Protocol networking infrastructure, Sprint said.

The offering is built around the application and content networking system from Cisco, which caches and prepositions web pages and multimedia files for faster access, as well as educational video titles from LearningStation and Sprint’s TekNet user interface for teachers. TekNet enables teachers to access media and video systems from a phone or a PC.

“By taking advantage of Sprint’s relationships with Cisco and LearningStation, we are able to create a solution that is robust enough to handle video-on-demand, accelerate live broadcast media, deploy distance learning and create virtual classrooms,” said Mike Werth, director of education marketing for Sprint Business Solutions, in a statement. “The new solution will empower teachers to offer meaningful, engaging content in the classroom that optimizes their existing network while reducing the total cost of technology ownership.”

Sprint said the product should be ready for sale by the end of the summer.

Sprint: www.sprint.com