Sales Performance International, a sales performance services organization, and The Center for Creative Strategy & Innovation have formed a strategic alliance that the companies say will help SPI clients “better leverage their human capital and innovative capabilities.”

CCSI develops organizational assessment and development tools, such as ideaDynamics and ideaManagement software.

SPI’s “Solution Selling” is used by 500,000 sales people worldwide.

“Organizational culture is a powerful force. It significantly impacts profitability, sets the climate for innovative ideas, and determines an organization’s capacity to change,” said Chris Brumlow, president of CCSI. “CCSI enables organizations to develop effective and adaptive cultures, and leverage creative capital through continuous innovation.”

Added Tim Sullivan, SPI’s vice president of product marketing and development: “Using the results of these assessments enables us to provide a unique ability to measure or ‘x-ray’ critical aspects of organizational sales culture and offer programs, which allow our clients to develop change-adaptive teams that are more effective. These new tools will help sales teams everywhere optimize their efforts and maintain a competitive edge. It is a powerful combination that enhances both offerings.”