NetBank is adding credit card services for small businesses as part of an expanded services portfolio.

NetBank, which labels itself as the first commercially successful Internet bank, has offered small business services for the past year.

The company said it has thus far drawn more than $37.5 million in deposits from more than 1,500 customers in that market segment.

“We are extremely pleased with the success of our small business banking initiative,” said Douglas Freeman, chairman and CEO of NetBank, in a statement. “More and more, small businesses are embracing the Internet and using it to do business better, faster, cheaper. In fact, our own research shows that 79% of small business owners across the country say the Internet is either ‘somewhat important or very important to their business.’ Clearly, small business owners find the hallmarks of the NetBank experience – convenience, personalization and value – compelling.”

NetBank introduced a no annual-fee MBNA Platinum Plus for Business and the MBNA Platinum Plus Business Rewards. Both have a credit line of up to $100,000 and other features.