If you are one of those people using video on demand or digital recording processes and getting used to being able to fast-forward or skip ads, beware.

Atlanta-based Concurrent Computer Corporation has developed patent-pending technology that it says will “protect the investment of the advertiser and ensure that cable operators do not sacrifice advertising revenues when offering on-demand services.”

“This patent-pending on-demand technology gives advertisers confidence that their investment stays intact,” said Steve Necessary, president of Concurrent’s video on demand division, in a statement. The technology is being introduced at a cable TV exhibition this week.

Concurrent, a developer of on-demand technology, said it has developed a means of inserting advertisements into the so-called on-demand “trick files.” These files are used for fast-forward and rewind.

“This development will help maintain original advertisement message integrity and a stable revenue model for cable operators, as well as adherence to advertising contractual obligations,” Concurrent said in announcing the technology on Tuesday. The company said the technology can “guarantee” that advertisements appear on content for Movies-On-Demand (MOD), Video-On-Demand (VOD), Subscription VOD (SVOD), Free-On-Demand (FOD) and Long-Format Advertising (LFA) to Network-based Digital Video Recording (NDVR) and high-definition VOD (HDVOD).

The advertisements will play at a predetermined speed.

Concurrent also said “alternative advertisements” can be inserted, such as even playing in reverse.

Concurrent: www.ccur.com