Alveolus, a developer of stent technology, has named a thoracic advisory board.

The company said the surgeons named to the board will work with the company as it develops new products.

Alveolus has developed removable, self-expanding stents that are minimally invasive.

The board members are: Frank Detterbeck – Advisory Board Team Leader; Robert Cerfolio; Neri Cohen; John Howington; David Johnstone; Richard Whyte; and Douglas Wood.

“Airway obstruction is certainly a terribly important clinical problem to a patient or someone caring for that patient,” said Detterbeck in a statement. “I am very excited about this [Alveolus] technology, for the first time it is a thoughtful approach to airway stenting, as opposed to an adaptation from other technologies; it’s not just a quick fix.”

Alveolus submitted an esophageal stent recently for FDA approval.