Chorus Systems, a developer of service management software designed to improve uptime, has closed on its first round of venture capital.

Chorus said Monday that it has raised $1.6 million, or 50 percent more than it had sought.

Making the investment were MCNC Ventures, the venture capital arm of MCNC, which is focused on startups, and Tri-State Investment Group IV, a group of angels.

But the company is not done raising funds. Chorus plans to seek additional money to finance sales and marketing expansion efforts later this year, according to Sirus Chitsaz, CEO of Chorus.

“Their combined technology and management skills will be key for building a very successful company,” Chitsaz said of the investors.

Dave Rizzo, CEO of MCNC, will join the board of directors at Chorus.

“Chorus Systems is in a position to be a leader in the systems management market by applying advanced analytic and automation technologies,” Rizzo said in a statement.

Stephen Clossick, administrator for the Tri-State Investment Group IV fund, added that the “Uptime” product from Chorus is “a major advance in management of computers and services in the enterprise environment.”