MCNC is trying to do what it can to bridge efforts focused on grid computing.

The RTP-based research and development organization said Monday that it had joined both the Global Grid Forum and the Enterprise Grid Alliance. MCNC said it is the first organization to join both groups. The announcement was made in Philadelphia at the Grid Today conference.

“As an early adopter of grid computing, MCNC has identified the challenges in deploying, operating, and scaling a production grid infrastructure,” said David Rizzo, chief executive officer of MCNC, in a statement. “We are committed to the tenet that common standards are of utmost importance to ensure that equipment and applications from multiple vendors work together. By joining both of these organizations, MCNC will continue its work to accelerate the adoption, and delivery of the tremendous benefits, of grid computing technology for academic research and commercial customer communities.”

MCNC has participated in Global Grid Forum activities for the past five years as part of its working groups.

“The Global Grid Forum has done a wonderful job creating the grid community and working on a multitude of grid computing issues, including the development of standards and best practices,” said Wolfgang Gentzsch, managing director of MCNC Grid Computing & Networking Services and the former senior director of grid computing for Sun Microsystems.