A survey of selected customers shows that they are big believers in the web and ecommerce, Interland says.

Interland, a provider of web hosting and IT services, conducted the survey in February. The invitation-only survey included results from 171 participants. Of those, 71 percent have been in business for five years or more with revenues ranging from $250,000 to $5 million sales. More than 60 percent had five or fewer full-time employees. Thirty percent of the firms had been online for five or more years, 31 percent less than two years.

The customers were asked to pick three marketing tools seen as crucial to their success; 69 percent chose the web, 36 percent search engine keywords, and community relations 35 percent.
Other results were:

  • 99.5 percent rated an online presence as very or somewhat important,

  • 67 percent said enabling online interactivity (i.e. web-based business forms, blogs, interactive maps and e-newsletters) is very or somewhat important,

  • 62 percent rated executing online promotions (i.e. search engine optimization, keyword advertising and email marketing) as very or somewhat important, and

  • 55 percent said conducting online transactions (i.e. e-commerce, online catalogs and coupons, and selling via third-party sites like Amazon or eBay) is very or somewhat important.
  • For more information about the survey, see: www.itnerland.com/about/news/