JBoss, a developer of Java application server technology, has closed on its $10 million round of venture financing with funds from Intel Capital.

Matrix Partners and Accel Partners had already been announced as investors. According to JBoss, the round was oversubscribed.

JBoss said the agreement with Intel also provides the company with hardware resources and expertise to wrap up certification of JBoss applications for Intel Itanium and Xeon processors.

Intel joins the JBoss J2EE Certification Founders Program, which already includes Borland Software, Unisys and others. J2EE stands for Java 2 Enterprise Edition certification.

“The momentum behind JBoss continues increasing rapidly, and Intel’s global [presence will further accelerate our opportunities,” says Marc Fleury, chief executive officer of JBoss. “With J2EE certification processing smoothly, this new influx of funding resources and expertise will help us complete that initiative.

“JBoss also sees our agreement with Intel as a strategic move in line with our goal of cultivating a growing number of collaborative relationships with leading hardware vendors,” Fleury adds.

JBoss, which says it is already profitable, plans to use its venture capital to support product development, and expand its infrastructure as well as marketing efforts.

Last September, JBoss became part of the so-called Java Community Process and received J2EE) from Sun Microsystems, which is the steward of Java. JBoss also paid $5,000 to become part of the process.

JBoss settled long-running legal disputes with Sun concerning certification J2EE in November. JBoss also won endorsement from the Apache Software Foundation.

JBoss also said that its market share and number of customers continues to increase. Citing statistics from BZ Research in its annual Java use and awareness study, JBoss said it ranks No. 1 market share among developers, No. 1 for independent software vendors (ISVs) and No. 3 market share for production deployment.

Overall, JBoss adoption nearly doubled in 2003 to 26.9 percent from 13.9 percent — the largest market share gain by any developer.

JBoss: www.jboss.com