Qcept Technologies did more than close on $4 million in new funding on Monday. It also added two well-known names to the board of directors.

Paul O’Neill, former secretary of the U.S. Treasury, is joining the board after participating in the investment round.

Qcept is a provider of chemical metrology solutions which are used for detection, inspection and measurement of chemical variation and uniformity on semiconductor wafers.

The “B” round included O’Neill and O’Neill — Paul O’Neill’s private investment firm — plus Pittco Capital Partners, Atlanta Technology Angels and Bergman and Associates. Pittco, which had invested in Qcept earlier, led the new round.

Among the individual investors were Steve Chaddick, senior vice president and chief strategy officer at CIENA Corporation, and Meade Sutterfield, president and chief executive officer of SPCSS Corporation.

Qcept also added Gary Arnold to its board. He has been a director at the National Semiconductor Corporation since 1989.

Qcept raised $2.1 million “A” round financing in February of 2003.

Qcept: www.qceptech.com