A new site has hit the web to meet the increasing demand for career, education and training information in the emerging field of nanotechnology.

The Foresight Institute, a nonprofit educational organization in Palo Alto, CA, focused on molecular nanotechnology, and Working In Ltd., a New Zealand-based employment and education web company, teamed up to launch Workingin-Nanotechnology.com.

Nanotechnology has been identified by a regional taskforce in RTP as one of eight technology areas to develop industry clusters around, chosen because the region is a leader in their research and development and for their potential to create significant numbers of new jobs.

Workingin-Nanotechnology.com has several features, including a new way of presenting vacancies to job seekers. There are three specific job search engines on the site: Nano Jobs by Science, Nano Jobs by Industry and Nano Jobs by Technologies. There is also a complete resume/database tool allowing employers to search for suitable applicants by science and by nanotech experience.

Other features include an education and training section which enables students from graduate to middle school levels to source relevant course programs offered in nanotechnology worldwide.

“We have over 2,500 registered job seekers on the site and all of these candidates are highly qualified,” said Nic Mortland, vice president of sales and marketing for Workingin-Nanotechnology.com. “I’ve spoken with over 150 employers to discuss our services and all are enthusiastic about the site design and ease of use.”

Mortland says three of the website’s early registered user employers include Zyvex Corporation, Nanophase Technologies, and the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Workingin-Nanotechnology.com: www.workingin-nanotechnology.com