iVivity and StoreAge Networking Technologies have released the results of a joint demonstration between the two storage technology providers.

“The impressive results of our demonstration helps validate the new value proposition we are introducing into the market,” said Zulfiqar Qazilbash, chief strategy officer of iVivity. “We are taking an exponential step forward in providing OEMs with a flexible ‘storage server in a chip’ platform technology featuring high-end storage services with wire-speed performance…while dramatically reducing overall costs.”

The demo showcased the application support and protocol mediation capabilities of the iVivity iDiSX platform technology, which enables OEMs to achieve Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) functionality and performance to create new classes of storage solutions with enterprise features.

iVivity ported StoreAge’s software agents to iDiSX to demonstrate full featured iSCSI storage management capabilities. The porting occurred over a period of two weeks…one week for porting and one week for testing.

The demonstration shows that by using iDiSX, OEMs have a path to full iSCSI functionality for their existing Fibre Channel SAN products without compromising performance or incurring additional costs, the companies say.

iVivity: www.ivivity.com