Mission statement: Curry Pharmaceuticals’ mission is to exploit the broad phamacological potential demonstrated for native curcumin extract by developing a synthetic curcumin for selected clinical indications and by creating and optimizing curcumin derivatives for multiple pharmacological pathways and for multiple clinical indications.

Type of company: Biopharmaceuticals

Address: 633 Davis Drive, Suite 500; PO Box 14490; Research Triangle Park; NC 27709-4490

phone number: 804-662-5666 (Dennis Schafer, CEO)

Web site: None

Management team:

President and CEO Dennis P. Schafer, veteran of 20 years managing in the life sciences, including eight start-ups

Scientific founders and senior clinical advisors:

  • Bharat Aggarwal, PhD, Ransome Horne Distinguished Professor and Chief of Cytokine Research Section, MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Dennis Liotta, PhD, Professor of Chemistry, past VP Research, Emory University
  • Mamoru Shoji, MD, Associate Professor of Hematology, Emory University
  • Jim Snyder, PhD, Director of Biostructural Research, Emory University
  • Lowell Goldsmith, MD, Professor of Dermatology, UNC, Editor of the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, Past Dean, University of Rochester Medical School
  • Board members:

    Dennis Schafer, President and CEO
    Glenn Kline, Managing Partner, Academy Funds
    Bradford Walters, MD, Partner, Academy Funds

    Investors: Academy Funds, Research Triangle Park, NC

    Revenues: None

    Year established: 2003

    Number of employees: 1