RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK — Affinergy, a startup that has licensed technology from Duke University to help reduce infection in orthopedic implants and encourage bone growth, has closed on its first $1 million in investment.

The funding comes only 10 weeks after the company obtained the product licenses.

“I fell in love with the technology the first time I saw it,” Chief Executive Officer Peyton Anderson tells Local Tech Wire.

Apparently the investors did, too.

The seed funding represents more than half of the initial investment Anderson is seeking.

“This technology has the ability to impact a lot of different markets,” says Anderson, who was one of the four founders for SciQuest. “We are not dependant on one niche market, which makes us more appealing to investors, and we also do not need to raise a amount of money in order to be successful.”

As part of the financing, Affinergy added three new members to its board of directors.

  • Jeffery Basham is a member of the board at Coastal Pharmaceuticals and has been affiliated with other medical and biotech firms.

  • Bruce Boehm is an independent venture capitalist. He has worked with more than 25 companies over the years, including SciQuest.

  • William Mercer is the founder and managing member of Avocet Ventures LLC, a private equity investment firm.
  • Affingery: