WILMINGTON,aaiPharma, battling to avoid bankruptcy after questions about sales reporting triggered internal and external investigations and lawsuits, came up with badly needed cash on Monday.

aaiPharma (Nasdaq: AAIIE) reported that it had completed the sale of two business lines for $105 million, a new $140 million line of credit, and a payment of $9.6 million on 11 percent notes that had come due on April 1.

The credit line comes from Silver Point Finance and is good for two years.

“We have now achieved all our major financing objectives for the company,” said Gregory Rayburn, the company’s interim chief financial officer. “aaiPharma is now well positioned to execute its business plan.”

The company sold its Multi-Vitamin Infusion and Aquasol product lines to Mayne Pharma USA for $105 million. aaiPharma also received $14.9 million in accelerated royalty payments.

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