WILMINGTON–Motion Media, a Wilmington company that sells videophones, knows how to wring a little publicity out of a retro-future anniversary. Today, it says, it is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the unveiling of the video-telephone at a 1964 World’s Fair Pavilion.

Here’s the rather breathy way Motion Media tells it:

“On this day in 1964, at Flushing Meadow Park in Queens, New York, a vision was unveiled; new technologies that would automate, simplify and serve a growing nation — even the moon was in our grasp. The Jet Age was passe. The 1964 New York World’s Fair was the launching pad for the Space Age, and at one of the 140 pavilions there, a new technology was unveiled, something that George Jetson would use daily — the video-telephone.

“Guests were entertained by massive mainframe computers that demonstrated their budding prowess. Many Fairgoers tried out the first video-telephones by calling a pre-configured exhibit at Disneyland, California.”

The company admits that “consumer sentiment “was less than favorable to these new telephones.” Phones have a privacy mystique similar to that of cars in American culture. No one particularly wants to tidy up before grabbing the phone.

But Garey De angelis, Motion Media chief executive, says, “The world has seen a lot of technology come to fruition over the past 40 years. Most notably, the impact of computing technologies with all sorts of devices, including videophones, which has enabled new frontiers of opportunity. Today, the videophone is finally a reality, and by tomorrow, it will be as ubiquitous as the personal computer.”

The company, U.S. headquarters of Motion Media PLC (LSE:MMD), has been selling video phones since 1993 and its customers include Vodafone, Ericsson, Sprint, Fox News, and the U.S. veterans Administration.

The company points out that unlike those prototype video phones at the 1964 World’s Fair, it’s telephones are sleek even with a 12-inch LCD screen that doubles as a Web browser. It has push-button, touch-screen design.

Ok, so where’s my flying car and jet pack? Get to work on it right away, will you guys?