BellSouth says it has added features and capabilities to its managed network VPN service to better meet the data networking requirements of businesses.

The service initially launched in the first quarter of 2003 and will now include additional access methods, a turnkey solution option, security and service level enhancements and the ability to integrate with the BellSouth Integrated Solutions portfolio.

BellSouth managed network VPN service is a suite of IP-VPN connectivity solutions designed to support the remote access, intranet, Internet and extranet application needs of businesses.

“Over 300 BellSouth customers currently utilize network VPN solutions to integrate various network access components, streamline network management and provide network-based security for their operations, allowing them to focus on business operations,” said Mark Kaish, BellSouth’s vice president of next generation solutions. “Today’s enhancements expand the delivery of these capabilities to a wider range of companies, regardless of size and existing network infrastructure.”