Integrated IT security and management firm Oculan, the maker of the “Purple Box” solution, has unveiled its latest new product.

The Oculan 100, the Raleigh-based company says, is an appliance with the same features as its Oculan 250, yet sized and priced for smaller organizations.

With an MSRP of $4,995…half the cost of its flagship Oculan 250…the new “little purple box” is a platform for providing managed services for small companies who still manage their IT internally.

“We are launching the Oculan 100 in response to feedback from market,” said Robert Davis, president and CEO of Oculan. “The feedback was that the smaller SMBs want and need Oculan’s technology, but at a more affordable price. The high level of interest we are receiving to this launch indicates they were right.”

The Oculan 100 is sized for networks of up to 10 servers, 10 network devices, and 100 desktops, with an available upgrade for companies that need to scale. Clients can perform multi-site management by placing Oculan 100’s onsite at multiple different locations and managing them all remotely from one consolidated view.