Editor’s note: RTP Beat is a regular feature on Thursdays.Off-shore outsourcing has gotten a lot of press lately, but technology start-ups in the Triangle frequently outsource an increasing variety of tasks to other regional and local companies.

For instance, three Triangle companies, FormRouter, Lettermark and Research Triangle Software, have turned to SkyeSource LLC to help speed up getting their products to market.

Skyesource helps technology companies speed getting their products to market at low cost while also putting some of the nation’s 250,000 experienced but unemployed tech sales people back to work, says one of its founders, William Sarine.

Sarine, SkyeSource’s Raleigh-based partner, tells Local Tech Wire the company has 55 members already in its technology ambassador’s network of sales people in 16 states.

“Our goal is to have 100 by the end of the year,” Sarine says. “They’re predominantly people with experience and established contacts with major accounts.”

Often, Sarine says, small companies may end up with “Tier 3 or 4 resellers,” because “the small guy fights the big guys for channel resources. If I’m a rep out there and stay with the big guys, I don’t have to do as much selling.”

Speed to Market

Sarine explains that starting a sales channel program from scratch can also take a company from 12 to 18 months to get up and running. “I can deliver a whole program in place and running in a matter of weeks,” he says. “And to a small company, time to market is the biggest expense.”

The company, founded in 2002 was inactive until late December 2003, Sarine says. The limited partnership includes Tony Summerlin, who is based in Greensboro, and Larry Green, an attorney and CPA.

Sarine says that as an LLC, the company is not eligible for venture funding, but is interested in private investments. “We could probably accelerate this tenfold if we had some funding, but we’ll keep going with or without it. If a venture firm came up with a lot of money we would consider changing to a C Corp so we could do it.”

The three founders work from home offices and Sarine says “I had the idea for this 15 years ago, but got distracted. The web makes this possible. Communication is so important to it.” The company is headquartered in Greensboro.

He points out that SkyeSource is not interested in selling just any technology product. “We look for unique products, not the run of the mill ones you bump into everyday,” he says.


In addition to its Triangle clients, the company sells products for:

  • Elandia, an Atlanta-based wireless systems integrator, which provides wireless services to private facilities such as hotels and continuous care retirement communities or towns putting in a metropolitan network.

  • NETtelco, a Web-hosting company based in Richmond, VA.

  • Eddisto, a Charlotte company with a patent on a system to digitize video content into data files. “It’s used for human resources, training, that sort of thing. It has big customers, Banc of America and Kraft Foods. It’s a big ticket item with good commissions,” Sarine says.

  • Persystent Technology of Tampa, Florida. “They make a product that’s one of the hottest things I ever saw. With this product, if you crap up your operating system and start getting a lot of errors and such, you hit restart and it goes in and fixes it in pre-boot mode. We’re brining it to Greensboro next week.”

    • He says SkyeSource tries selling a product to a vendor to test it. “We want to see if we understand it well enough. Then if it seems like a good fit, we roll it out nationwide.”

      Companies pay SkySource commissions, and it dispenses them to its members, or they pay the members directly and SkySource gets an override. “In either case the member gets paid after the company receives payment for the sale. That helps keep their costs down and the ensures that their cash flow is clean,” says Sarine.”

      SkyeSource: skyesource.com