Web hosting and online services provider Interland is now offering Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and plans to support the open source operating system through the latest release this summer.

Interland says it has optimized the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating systems for its customers by adding specific tools and components to speed setup and enhance both security and performance in a web server environment.

“Interland’s goal is to make it easier for customers to run businesses online and the Red Hat Enterprise Linux enhancements are an example of how we are doing this,” said Cindy Apple, area vice president of product management for Interland. “These upgrades give our customers running on Red Hat access to the latest in both technology and convenience.”

Atlanta-based Interland says it has removed some of the standard installation functions from its versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux to better suit the operating systems for an Internet serving environment.

For developers and resellers with applications based on specific configurations and settings on the full Linux operation system, Interland also offers the standard versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux from the Raleigh-based firm.

Red Hat: www.redhat.com

Interland: www.interland.com