YOUNGSVILLE,Surveillance and security technology company Law Enforcement Associates (LEA) Corp. is now offering a radiation detection system featuring an ultra-sensitive detector called from D-Tect Systems.

When used together, LEA’s under vehicle inspection (UVI) system and the stand-alone rad-D unit from D-Tect provide security from potential terrorist threats including dirty bombs. A dirty bomb is a conventional explosive packaged with radioactive material that scatters upon detonation

LEA says its radiation detection solution featuring rad-D technology will further law enforcement and security personnel’s ability to detect these types of bombs or other radioactive devices from entering secured facilities.

“With the onslaught of threats and awareness to the dangers of dirty bombs, we felt it was prudent to offer a solution for detecting radiation within our product offering,” said LEA President Paul Feldman. “D-Tect Systems’ rad-D technology will increase our UVI system’s effectiveness as a valuable first line of homeland security an in defense against terrorism throughout the world.”

LEA Corp.: