SuccessToday is airing a recap of NCEITA’s recent annual IT Forum, while offering a preview of the CED’s upcoming Venture 2004.

NCEITA’s “A CEO Conversation: Insight to Innovation” conference brought together corporate executives, innovators of technologies and industry visionaries in March to listen to nationally recognized speakers discussing the newest concepts on innovation.

SuccessToday says it is now giving its listeners a rare opportunity to hear from some of the speakers who presented their ideas at the conference.

The online radio show, which airs on RTP-TV, is also taking a look ahead at the CED’s Venture 2004 conference and some of the companies presenting at this year’s event, set for April 27-28.

In these three minute interviews, SuccessToday says it gives listeners an inside look at some of the most talented CEO’s and cutting edge technologies happening in America today.