Porticos, a mechanical design and product development services firm, recently helped Integrian pass a performance requirement representing a key milestone in bringing its product to market.

“We had an existing mechanical enclosure design that could not meet the stringent vibration requirements that our customers were expecting,” said Ich-Kien Lao, founder of Integrian. “We turned to Porticos to help provide a solution. They were able to use software to simulate the performance of the existing design and model the necessary changes required to pass the specification.”

Like Integrian, Porticos, which was founded in 2003, is based in RTP. It is a mechanical design and product development services company.

“–We are very focused on building a deep competency in mechanical design and the outcome of this project speaks highly of our team’s ability to meet that objective–,” said Porticos President Jonathan DeLine. “We are very happy that we can help Integrian meet a key milestone in launching their product and look forward to contributing to their future success.”

Porticos says it plans to showcase more details about the Integrian project and how its designs solutions in a case study when the product becomes commercially available later this year.

Porticos: www.porticos.net