Techsphere Systems International (TSI) will establish its worldwide headquarters and manufacturing facilities for multi-altitude airships in Columbus, GA.

Initially, the move will create 250 jobs, building up to 1,000 employees once TSI is at full production. The company says it expects to reach $1 billion in sales within the next three to five years.

“These ships are not only going to revolutionize the telecommunications industry, they are going to become important tools in our national defense,” said TSI President Mike Lawson. “We are proud to bring this facility to Columbus and to Georgia, and look forward to our partnership with both the city and the U. S. Army base at Fort Benning.”

TSI says it is working with the military to provide airships for testing and evaluation at Fort Benning’s Soldier Battle Lab.

The airships, which provide platforms suitable for government, research and commercial use, are being designed using research and development from the Georgia Tech Research Institute in Atlanta and 21st Century Airships Inc., which holds the current altitude record for manned lighter-than-air airship operation at over 21,000 feet.