SAS says it has released “the most significant” software in the company’s 28-year history.

The company says SAS 9 comes complete with a new platform, enhanced analytics and refined user interfaces. It connects all SAS applications so they work together transparently, and it also communicates with other data sources and programs.

SAS 9 includes the SAS Intelligence Platform, a broad set of integrated software for data integration, business reporting and analytics. It also boasts enhancement of the optimization and predictive analytics capabilities for business intelligence (BI), the company says.

“For years, SAS has been known as the industrial-strength analytics standard of choice,” said SAS President and CEO Jim Goodnight. “SAS 9 delivers the depth and breadth of enterprise BI that goes far beyond traditional query and reporting to deep analytics – which is where most BI vendors stop short. The SAS Intelligence Platform gives organizations the decision-making confidence they need to meet regulatory compliance requirements and other business needs.”