FormRouter says it is offering new capabilities for customers to collect form data from offline users using Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.1 and higher.

With the new technology, users can distribute and circulate PDF forms to remote users for data entry, review and validation. Form owners can browse through completed forms using integrated navigation or save work-in-process to their local drive for future completion, submission and/or data archival.

Once completed, PDF forms can be submitted electronically and routed to the form owner’s desktop database using the FormRouter service. This new LocalSave capability, as it’s called, allows large and small organizations to secure form routing even when they are not connected to the Internet, the company says.

“The combination of FormRouter and Acrobat Reader has made Internet hosted forms a cost effective reality that can be realized in minutes with no programming,” says Jim Healy, chief technology officer for FormRouter. “Unfortunately, many people who need to collaborate and complete forms may have limited Internet access. LocalSave extends the FormRouter advantage to the offline world as well.”

FormRouter LocalSave comes standard with the company’s newly introduced ProPack upgrade, allowing customers to use secure payment processing with VeriSign and Authorize.Net.